The exploration of the absolute void is at the base of this project.
The darkness breaks down the boundaries created by the light and allows the mind to travel into the deepest depths of human nature. So Nex enthrone darkness as an active force for building soundscapes that bring emotions to a superlative level.

It all starts in 2011 with an EP titled that leaves no room for interpretation: "Endless Night".

The void takes several forms which, in the same year, are reflected in the first album, "Invoking The Void Of Darkness", released by the now-defunct Eternal Winter Records.
The year 2012 saw the production of two demos, "Beyond The Void Of Existence" and "Misanthropic Void Supremacy", released by the Nex's label, the DarkEyes Collective. This material is deliberately released in demo format as it's of experiments at the level of production and Nex don't consider them valid to be released as an album.
The year 2012 also saw the publication of a compilation, "Consumed By A Nameless Void", which includes the old material ever released.

2013 is instead a year off to Enthroned Darkness, because Nex is engaged in the production of material for other projects.
Only towards the end of the year, specifically November (month of strong inspiration for Nex) has produced a single song that moves even further experimentation and that will be the unreleased track of the split album with The Blessed Hellbrigade, Doom/Death Metal project of M (The True Endless, Skoll, Darkness, ex Opera IX), titled "Into The Void Of The Downward Spiral" and released in the beginning of 2014.
The previously unreleased song once again stimulates the creativity of Nex who gets to work on the second album.


In March 2014 sees the light of their second album, titled "Frozen Emotions At Dusk".
Consisting of 4 long tracks, presenting the material very atmospheric and melancholic, with a strong emotional impact.


October 2014. Nex decides to close its label and focus only on the production of his projects.


Since early November, Nex back in the studio full of new inspiration and begins to compose new material.

Meanwhile, Spiritus Noctis, bassist from the Technical Death Metal scene, joined the project at the request of Nex, who is convinced that, despite the bass lines are very minimal, the contribution of a five-string fretless bass can give a result more profound to his compositions.

January 2015. The instrumental parts are finished. The result is highly evocative, thanks also to parts more symphonic of keyboards. The sound is very deep and heavy, slow and atmospheric, similar to the compositions of Nortt and Evoken.

Now lack the vocal lines and the support of a record label serious and motivated...

June 2015. New deal with Silent Time Noise Records. New album coming out in July!